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Since 2005 we recognized that dental lasers can change how many people feel about a trip to the dentist.  We use machines from Biolase Technology, a world leader in the innovation and education of dentists about these amazing machines. 

Today’s lasers have opened up new treatment methods for many dental problems

Simple Decay and Fillings

Because of Lasers, many cavities can be filled without the need for local anesthetic!  This means you can repair your tooth and meet your friends for lunch right after your appointment; able to feel, chew and speak normally.

Gingival (Gum) Reshaping

When we smile, our friends see both our teeth and gum tissues.  If they are not even or attractive, our smile seems “off” or imbalanced.  Lasers can reshape the gingival to balance our smiles so that we always love what they see!

Periodontal Pockets:

This is the way periodontal disease erodes our gum and bone tissue.  In the past, open surgery was often needed to create a healthy environment, but now many of these same pockets can be very successfully treated with non-surgical laser therapy.

Tooth Removal:

 Often, the laser can be used to loosen up a tooth that must be removed.  This works especially well for children and baby teeth.  Using the laser in this way creates less trauma to the area and speeds healing along for the patient.

Biopsy of Suspicious Tissue:

Not only can a laser remove the tissue to be inspected, the process results in less discomfort and faster healing for you.

Biolase lasers

have received FDA clearance for use in all aspects of dental care, including: restorative care, periodontal care, endodontic care, and surgical care.  This company has become the proven leader in this revolution in dental care.

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