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We offer our patients hometown charm in a refined and contemporary environment.

For us, that means combining a caring and highly skilled team with the latest advances in materials, techniques and equipment. What does that mean for you? We’ll listen to your treatment goals, we’ll make your visits comfortable, and we’ll help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile! Since first beginning his career, Patrick T. Prendergast D.D.S. P.C. has incorporated the latest technology into his patient care. Through ongoing professional development and peer groups he keeps his finger on the pulse of new and evolving treatment options, such as Invisible Braces, Lasers, Dental Implants and treatment for Sleep Disordered Breathing/Sleep Apnea alternative.

Skilled in advanced Cosmetic Procedures, he has the expertise to treat a broad range of oral health conditions. Ultimately, his goal is to provide the highest quality care in a comfortable and caring environment. This practice has been molded to create a comfortable, informative environment for you. We believe in providing a complete diagnosis, discussing your treatment wishes as well as concerns, and then together build a treatment plan that will create or maintain your healthy smile for a lifetime.

Our Team

Each dentist has a distinct “philosophy” of diagnosis and care. Ours is based upon functional principles of Occlusion, or the manner in which your teeth fit together and work for you. All cosmetic treatments are available to you, but such treatments will look best and be most comfortable when your teeth fit and function properly. Today, many people suffer from a poor bite and either cannot chew properly or may even suffer TMJ difficulties.

We have undergone extensive additional training to better diagnose and help guide you through treatment options when the need exists. In addition to the many types of care we provide, we work with the Denver area’s finest specialists and will help you schedule in their offices when the need arises. Our office is constantly updating our education and adding the technology to bring you the newest options in dentistry.

Laser Technology

Since 2000 we have been a leader in the use of Laser Technology for the repair of teeth and treatment of periodontal disease. Today’s lasers allow many dental procedures to be done without the need for local anesthetic and yet be pain-free. In addition, we are proud to offer Invisible Braces, the new “clear” way to straighten out many tooth crowding problems. What better way to show off that new straight smile than by using Zoom Tooth Whitening, one of the most proven systems on the market. One of dentistry’s brightest areas today is Implant Dentistry, we have been restoring implant cases for over 25 years. While the implants have changed dramatically we have been restoring implant cases since 1985.

Our Pledge

More than anything, we believe that all of the technology in the world cannot take the place of careful, honest conversation with you as your dental team. We pledge to listen to you, your concerns and wishes. We will provide a comfortable environment for you to make your best decisions regarding your care. We will provide our fee estimate to you in advance so that you are aware of your dental costs and will help you to know more about programs such as Care Credit to allow you to move forward with your dental care confidently. We will process pertinent dental insurance claims for you and will gather as much information about your employer’s policy as possible to avoid surprises in your coverage. Our goal is to be your dental home for many years, a place in which you can have confidence and feel at peace. We have been providing such a place since 1982 and look forward to having you join our practice! 

Our Mission

The purpose of Advanced Dental Health is to provide the finest care possible to each of the patients who choose to utilize us. We appreciate your referrals. It’s how we continue to grow.

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If you are interested in scheduling an appointment call Advanced Dental Health at 303-771-0225. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule your appointment with Dr. Prendergast.

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