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Dr. Prendergast and his team are proud to give back to the community through several charitable dental programs.

Meet the Team | Advanced Dental Health

Dr. Pat serves his patients and the Colorado dental community as well.  His is currently Vice President of COMOM, having served on this important board for six years.  Janie also holds a leadership position in COMOM.  He is also on the executive board of the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society (MDDS).  He serves this year as Treasurer of the 1800 dentist organization and will continue progression through the officer chairs.  Finally, he is the Section Chair for the American College of Dentists, Colorado/Wyoming Section.  ACD is one of the three honor colleges in the practice of dentistry.  Dr. Pat is also a fellow the of the other two colleges, The International College of Dentists and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. 

Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM)

The Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM) is a large-scale dental clinic where dental treatment is provided at no cost to individuals who cannot afford dental care. A 100-chair dental clinic for adults and children. COMOM travels around the state annually to help those who need it most. You don’t have to be a dental professional to volunteer for this program.
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While smaller in attendance than previous years, this years event provided almost 1.1 million dollars of care in 2 days at the Phil Long Event Center in Colorado Springs. We are so proud of our team members who attended and gave tirelessly of their talents and time to the underserved population of our state. We treated patients from all walks of life who had traveled from as far as Leadville for this opportunity.

Meet the Team | Advanced Dental Health
Meet the Team | Advanced Dental Health
Meet the Team | Advanced Dental Health

Give Kids a Smile

A day of free dental treatment and education for kids without dental insurance or the means to afford dental care. This event occurs on the first Friday of February each year in celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Colorado Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped

Dr. Prendergast is proud to have participated in this most valuable program continually since 1982. This program matches disabled individuals with dental offices around the community which are willing to restore these patients to health at no charge to the patient. The Colorado program has been adopted as the model for similar programs around the country. This is just another reason why we are so proud of Colorado dentists and their generous work.

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