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How Vizilite® Plus with TBlue630 Works

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ViziLite Plus with TBlue630 is an oral lesion identification and marking system that is used as an adjunct to the conventional head and neck examination. It is comprised of a chemiluminescent light source (ViziLite) to improve the identification of lesions and a blue phenothiazine dye to mark those lesions identified by ViziLite. ViziLitePlus with TBlue630 is designed to be used in a patient population at increased risk for oral cancer.

Vizilite® Oral Lesion Identification System

In clinical trials involving 13,000 female patients, abnormal squamous epithelium in the cervical complex appears acetowhite after rinsing with a dilute acetic acid solution and viewed under chemiluminescent light (Speculite®). Similarly in the oral cavity, after rinsing with a dilute acetic acid solution, abnormal squamous epithelium tissue will appear acetowhite when viewed under ViziLite’s diffuse low-energy wavelength light. Normal epithelium will absorb the light and appear dark. ViziLite can assist a dentist or hygienist in identifying an abnormality in the oral cavity.

Early Detection is Critical

Dentists and hygienists are the best overall defense against oral cancer – they are, in fact, a lifesaver. No other medical professionals are as well positioned to address this potentially deadly disease at its earliest stage. The key is to identify oral abnormalities at their most easily treated stage of development. Fortunately, there’s a simple technology to help in the fight against oral cancer. ViziLite Plus aids in the early identification of oral abnormalities that can lead to cancer. Cleared by the FDA, ViziLite Plus allows dental professionals to offer superior care to patients. Annual ViziLite Plus exams can be integrated with existing patient services, improving patient care and creating a positive financial impact in dental practices.

Vizilite® Plus Oral Screening Protocol

It is recommended that ViziLite Plus be offered annually to all new and re-care adult patients following the standard head and neck exam. Patients with a history of oral cancer should receive at least semi-annual ViziLite Plus exams.

As is the case with most cancers, age is the primary risk factor for oral cancer. Approximately 90% of oral cancer victims are age 40 and older, but recent studies indicate that increasingly, patients younger than age 40 are being diagnosed with oral cancer. Though tobacco and alcohol use are the primary lifestyle risk factors that contribute to the development of oral cancer, approximately 25% of oral cancer victims do not use tobacco or alcohol, and have no lifestyle risk factors. Oral cancer affects men more than women; 2:1, but oral cancer in women is on the rise nationwide.

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