Pat Prendergast

Pat Prendergast | Dentist in Centennial, CO

Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)

Dr. Pat Prendergast grew up in the Sandhills of Nebraska, vacationing each summer in the land that would be his eventual home. After attending the University of Notre Dame, he completed his education at Creighton University, graduating with a DDS degree in 1982. He and his spouse Janie soon moved to Denver and began their private practice career. They have enjoyed the Rocky Mountain region in many ways while raising a family and making this area their home. They remain actively involved in constant education to improve their skills, many charities and their church. His practice of dentistry is governed by that simple concept of treating your patients as you would treat your family.

For his entire career, Dr. Prendergast has been a member of the local, state, and national dental societies. He has served the public by working on various committees, councils, special projects within those societies. His longest service was in the area of Public Relations/Peer Review, where he chaired the state level council for this important service to consumers. He has presented table clinics, demonstrations, and been a spokesperson for Biolase Technologies, teaching the use and incorporation of laser technology into dental practices in the Rocky Mountain region. He has participated in dental mission trips to Juarez, Mexico, and remains actively involved with many charities providing pro bono dental care to patients, including the Colorado Mission of Mercy, Foundation for Dentistry for the Handicapped, Stout Street Program, and Smile Again Program. He is currently a board member for the Metropolitan Denver Dental Foundation, the sponsor of the Smile Again Program which restores healthy smiles to victims of domestic abuse.

Dr. Prendergast remains committed to sharing his knowledge, talents, and resources with our community and world. His life away from dentistry centers on family, friends, fishing, learning, and traveling.

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