Clear Orthodontics


Clear Orthodontics

At Advanced Dental Health we are happy to provide our patients with the modern technology of clear orthodontics. We use clear orthodontics from several leading manufacturers. With Clear orthodontics are able to offer a different solution to moving teeth while giving the comforts of allowing the patient to not be embarrassed over their smile.

Why Choose Clear Orthodontics

Invisible Braces are often the perfect choice for those few teeth that have come out of alignment over the adult years of our life. Many people have been unhappy with such changes for many years, but were unwilling to “wear braces” again to correct them. Now, you don’t have to. This has led to us calling Invisible Braces our orthodontic treatment for “Grown Ups”. Invisible Braces can also be used to move teeth into better position to rebuild the bite.

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If you are interested in clear orthodontics call Advanced Dental Health at 303-771-0225. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule your appointment with Dr. Prendergast.

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