Dental Hygiene Visit in Centennial, CO

Dental Hygine Visit

Dental hygienists are your friend and partner in achieving and maintaining good oral health. They care about the health of your teeth, and want them to last you over a lifetime. Coming to see your dental hygienist for routine cleanings is important to maintaining a healthy mouth. The best oral health investment you can make is coming for routine dental cleanings. Our licensed dental professionals are passionate about preventative dental care and are here to help you maintain good oral health.

Our hygienists continue to pursue their education by attending multiple education courses. They are passionate about finding new ways for patients to receive the very best care. They use the best technology such as digital x-rays for diagnostic purposes, ultrasonic scalers for ultimate cleanings, and dental lasers for pocket and bacterial reduction. For our other dental hygiene services, click here.

What to expect at your dental hygiene visit:

Our hygienists spend up to a full hour with each patient ensuring comprehensive and thorough cleaning and examination possible.

  • They will review and assess your overall health history at each visit -some medical conditions can have an impact on your teeth and oral health
  • They are specially trained to administer local anesthesia and/or nitrous oxide – to eliminate both anxiety and discomfort.
  • Perform oral cancer screens – ask about Vizilite
  • They look for problems, including cavities, occlusion, TMJ/TMD and gum disease – to catch problems before they become much more serious
  • Perform periodontal assessment – easure pocket depths and review overall periodontal health
  • Take digital x-rays – to diagnose and detect abnormalities, cavities, bone loss and other defects
  • Take intraoral photos
  • Remove hard and soft deposits -calculus and plaque – which contains bacteria both below and above the gum line
  • Polish teeth – remove surface stain
  • Apply cavity – preventatives such as fluoride varnish – to help strengthen the teeth
  • Apply an antibacterial medication (Arestin) when needed – which is placed directly beneath the gums to help slow the deterioration of the bone and soft tissues associated with periodontal disease
  • Apply special desensitizing liquids to sensitive teeth use dental lasers – to help eliminate pockets and bacteria
  • Education – Teach, review and reinforce the techniques for good oral hygiene such as effective brushing and flossing -advise you on products you can use to help improve your home oral hygiene routine
  • Counsel on the link between diet and nutrition and oral health

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