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When anyone thinks of dentistry, their mind generally shifts to “fillings”. While this brings up many images, as different as we are, it often defines how we feel about the dentist. you have seen a few winters, you may have more, larger, even silver amalgam fillings in some or most of your back teeth. Whatever your current situation is, teeth often need to be repaired and most of the time this is done with a filling.

What are fillings made of

In our office, composite is the material of choice. This tooth colored material is highly engineered with a base of resin and microscopic quartz particles as filler. It is attractive, very strong, and perhaps most important — easily repaired if the need arises. Composite comes in many shades and is selected to match your tooth color. This is why most composite fillings are often invisible to the eye. Composite fillings are bonded into teeth with an adhesive, so the need to remove as much tooth structure is diminished.

How does the laser work

It is in this type of dentistry that Lasers truly shine! Using a laser, we will remove less tooth structure than with a handpiece. This means the filling is smaller, maintaining more tooth strength for your lifetime. Often, such treatment can occur without the need for any anesthetic! Each tooth has it own needs, but ask us about “No Shot Dentistry”. If this will work for you, it can change how you view trips to the dentist forever by using laser fillings.

If your teeth are simply more sensitive, we use many types of local anesthetic to make your visit comfortable. Talk with us about your general health so that we can select the appropriate anesthetic to fit your needs.

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