Family Dental Health in Centennial, CO

Family dental health care is the foundation of our practice

We are especially pleased to be caring for the third generation of some families! Today, life is busy for us all and having an office that can cheerfully and successfully provide care for your entire family saves time. We truly enjoy getting to know about your entire family and feel it is valuable to watch each one go through life.

The perspective of an individual’s dental needs can be best appreciated if the relationship has been long term. We take pride in the relationships we enjoy with many dental specialists and will refer you and your family to the very best when their care is needed.

Today, many dental problems are tied to our environment, meaning our individual habits regarding hygiene, sugar intake, and our home care. But, dentistry recognizes that some dental and health issues are hereditary. It seems we just don’t know enough yet to understand the full reaching impact of heredity on our dental health. Obviously, if many members of one family are patients in the same office, we can have a better appreciation for your family’s traits. This can allow us to intervene to stop some tendencies that might impact your smile, or help design your smile to overcome dental issues that are part of your family.

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