Tooth Extractions in Centennial, CO

Today, dentists have many procedures they can use to avoid removing a tooth.  But occasionally, based on infection, fracture, economics, or choice, a tooth extraction is necessary. At Advanced Dental Health we always perform extractions with the comfort of our patients in mind. You can rest assured that our specialists will do everything they can to ensure that your tooth extraction experience is a positive one.

Tooth Extraction Techniques

We use several techniques to provide a relatively simple and safe experience when this becomes necessary.  Many teeth, once anesthetized, can be gently loosened from the surrounding bone and delivered out of the mouth.  Lasers are often used to help loosen the tooth from its socket.  The goal is to minimize the trauma to surrounding tissues and to you, the patient.

Baby Teeth

Primary or “Baby Teeth” respond especially well to using a laser as they are removed.  This approach seems to speed healing and lessen the issue for our younger patients.

Extracting Several Teeth

If many teeth are diseased, or if the procedure is likely to be extremely complicated, we refer to the area’s finest oral surgeons.  This opens up additional anesthesia options for patients and again endeavors to minimize the trauma to your mouth.  Please talk with us regarding your options if you are facing such dental procedures.

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If you are in need of our tooth extraction services, contact Advanced Dental Health. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as to schedule your appointment with Dr. Prendergast. 

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